Monday, February 13, 2006

High-heels Behind the Wheels

Morgan sets off in her silver Porsche Cayman S. She purposely had her speedometer disabled so that she never felt she was going fast enough. She also got an extra chuckle when telling the officer who might have pulled her over for speeding that she really had no clue how fast she was going.

As if driving on the streets alone, Morgan noarrowly avoids several potential accidents. As if she could control the traffic lights and traffic flow with her mind she confidently pushed on in her journey.

Today's journey was becoming rather typical. It consisted of four stops in total. The first was a trip to the bank for a large cash withdrawl, the second was a stop for a Black-Forest Latte, the third stop was a shoe shine at the Royal Castle Hotel and the fourth was to Intelli-Korps. Intelli-Korps (IK) was her new place of employment, well as new as 6 months ago.

Passing though a public parking garage Morgan recollects her first day she encountered the IK. It is often that she thinks about this, usually on this same drive.

She is leaving her college gymnasium after pitching a no-hitter in a girls softball game. An older gentleman, with very angular features greets her and comments about her performance. Farm from shy, Morgan thanked him and shook his hand. As she continued on he said to her in a very casual manner, "I am sure you will continue to do good things."

Now, through a series of hairpin turns and concealed garage doors Morgan has reached her final stop. Her car is now parked in the bottom level of a commuter ferry. This ferry also serves as IK Tactical-Ops Station 5. There is a slight hiss from the moist air evaporating off the under carriage of her Porsche.

Friday, December 30, 2005

New Morning for Morgan

Morgan's eyes lift to the dusty beams of light eminating from her plastic blinds. It's a new morning for her complete with a new outlook on things. She has shed the shackles of conformity and now is in prime position to gratify her every desire. Of course this set of circumstances did not come to her naturally. She had to throw a great many things away. In decending order; her job, her kids and her husband. All previous instruments of oppression and or suppression.

First up she kicks back the blankets and admires her body, her new shrine, her new vehicle. She hit the 'BIG 3-0' 20 days prior and since that time days have been counting backwards. If not for the loss of our 'needy appendages' she would be a MILF, instead now she is simply a POA.

Morgan opens the blinds completely in the nude. Walks over to the kitchen and prepares a breakfast that consists of nothing more than black coffee and burnt dry toast. The sound of lips smacking and careful swallowing broadcast through her newly rented apartment. Sounds people would kill for and views other would die for.

Shortly after showering Morgan is dressed to kill.

Thus begins a New Morning for Morgan.